How sugar affects skin

How sugar affects skin - Annie Blume

Sugary foods contain a high glycemic load that is directly involved in sustained inflammation processes. Today I would like to talk to you about how sugar affects the skin and in which foods it is present.

During the sugar extraction process, fiber and nutrients are removed, leaving sucrose molecules as the only component of sugar. Due to this process, sugar develops a high glycemic load because the sugar concentration is too high. This also occurs in juices, baked goods and processed foods. It would be advisable before buying a product to check that the sugar concentration on the label does not exceed 5 g.

How sugar affects skin - Annie Blume

How sugar affects skin

Foods with a high glycemic load can provoke glycation processes in the tissues and cause them to deteriorate. This makes them candidates for attack by our immune system because they are deteriorated. Externally we can see how collagen and elastin deteriorate, causing premature wrinkles.

In addition, sugar causes very accentuated blood glucose curves. This means that the body becomes inflamed and again triggers a response from our immune system, causing our skin to be unable to carry out its natural regeneration process correctly.

Finally, foods with high glycemic load directly attack our intestinal microbiota, totally related to the immune system and skin microbiota. In this article I explain the importance of prebiotics and probiotics to restore microbiota health.

Skin health starts in the intestinal flora - Annie Blume

How to take care of our skin

In addition to avoiding foods with high glycemic load, I recommend you to include in your diet foods rich in antioxidants, healthy fats and proteins. In this article I talk about foods to take care of your skin from the inside.

Foods to take care of your skin from the inside - Annie Blume

Externally, I recommend using the Rainforest cleanser and mask because it helps to restore the natural balance of the skin. You can use it in the morning and at night to wash your face (it removes dirt without damaging the hydrolipidic film) and once a week as a mask. In this way, it will help regulate sebum production.

Rainforest gentle face cleanser & light mask - Annie Blume

And, in order to nourish your skin, reduce inflammation and enhance the cell regeneration process, I recommend massaging your skin with Moonlight moisturizer. If you want to increase the benefits of your massage, use the Aphrodite porcelain gua sha, ideal for improving elasticity, muscle tone and eliminating excess accumulated fluids through lymphatic drainage.

The ritual massage set - Annie Blume

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