Porcelain face jewel

De-puff & sculpt

A toned face, with faded expression lines and more elastic skin?

Aphrodite is a porcelain gua sha designed to sculpt the face, work on wrinkles and perform lymphatic drainage.

The result

Awakened, de-puffed and toned skin.

Key functions

• Smoothes, softens, improves elasticity and brightens complexion.
• Improves muscle tone, lifts and sculpts the face.
• Eliminates excess accumulated fluids through lymphatic drainage.
• Reduces signs of fatigue, expression lines and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.


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APHRODITE porcelain face jewel - Annie Blume



Why Aphrodite?

Lightweight and easy to use, specially designed to massage all areas of the face.

Handmade in porcelain, unglazed, to retain heat and thus relax the muscles and perform a lymphatic drainage.

The ritual

You will receive the complete massage video tutorial.


Say their face is more de-puffed and sculpted.

Customer reviews

The story

After learning about different facial massage techniques, Annie received training from Rebeca Wessels where she discovered the benefits of gua sha.

For almost a year she tested different models, in terms of both shapes and materials, and finally she created the APHRODITE face jewel.

Designed to adapt to the angles of your face and thus be able to slide easily exercising the facial muscles.

Its serrated area blurs expression lines and its special pointed end work on acupressure points that release facial tension.

Its size is very comfortable and therefore you will be able to carry the facial jewel in your travel bag.

Porcelain is the noblest of materials used in creating this facial jewel. It is able to retain heat and thus work better to decontract the musculature, therefore not establishing a cold contrast with the skin that could result in redness or spider veins.

Rose floral water - Annie Blume

The feeling

Treat yourself to a completely relaxing and effective ritual of self-love and self-care. Caress your skin with the soft texture of this porcelain hand-modeled facial jewel and awaken the radiance of your complexion.

Designed to adapt to the angles of your face in order to glide easily, while exercising the facial muscles. Aphrodite is an invitation to facial massage, which, when practiced consistently, will stimulate circulation, collagen and elastin production, release muscular tensions and perform lymphatic drainage.