Witch hazel flowers help to restore the skin's vitality

Witch hazel flowers help to restore the skin's vitality - Annie Blume

Witch hazel flowers have a highly toning, vasoconstricting and purifying effect, as well as helping to restore skin vitality and improve circulation.

The Hamamelis virginiana plant produces beautiful pale yellow flowers, from which the precious hamamelis hydrolate is made. Originally from North America, this plant was considered magical by tribes as it was harvested in winter and had antiseptic benefits, interesting for seasonal colds.

Today, witch hazel hydrolate is also used in cosmetics for its toning, astringent, purifying and vitalising properties. In fact, it is one of the main ingredients in SUNSHINE lightweight face moisturizer.

Sunshine lightweight face moisturizer - Annie Blume

Witch hazel flowers help restore skin's vitality

I decided to incorporate witch hazel into the Sunshine formula because, together with hyaluronic acid and antioxidant oils, it enhances its toning and vitalising benefits. As a result, it provides instant radiance and glowness to the skin.

In addition, the astringent, antiseptic and purifying properties of witch hazel hydrolate make it a must-have for controlling excess oil. For this reason, Sunshine is a lightweight moisturier that is very popular with oily skin, as it hydrates the skin without revealing an oily or sticky finish.

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