Rebalance your skin after the holidays

Rebalance your skin after the holidays - Annie Blume

After the summer holidays we often receive messages from you telling us that your skin has changed (you notice it has less radiance, rougher and some pimples have appeared) and you ask us what you can do to restore the balance again. Today I would like to share with you some general tips that can help you.

Rebalance your skin after the holidays - Annie Blume

Summer is the season when we are most exposed to the sun and heat. This leads to increased generation of free radicals and increased sweating, which results in water loss in the skin. In addition, we use more sunscreen than usual (which is important to protect us from sunburn) and if we have not done a proper cleansing, our skin may be congested.

Rebalance your skin after the holidays

Step 1 - Exfoliate

We will use the lightweight moisturizer Sunshine to enrich our skin with antioxidants and the cleanser and mask Rainforest to perform an enzymatic peeling that, besides regenerating our skin, will provide it with vitamins and enzymes.

Rebalance your skin after the holidays - Annie Blume

Apply Sunshine to clean, dry skin, followed by Rainforest. Massage onto damp skin with your fingertips, ideally while in the shower, to allow the heat and steam to soothe the skin.

Concentrate the massage on dull, dry or flaky areas to remove excess dead skin cells. Leave on for a few minutes, then soak in the water to easily remove products and make way for soft, glowing skin.

Step 2 - Nourish

Rebalance your skin after the holidays - Annie Blume

Moonlight creamy Moisturizer will soothe and nourish your skin with blue tansy, calendula, argan oil, shea and cocoa butters.

This moment is yours. Nourish and massage your skin with Moonlight. Start with your neck and décolleté and continue with small circular massages on your face. Insist on the eye contour area.

Step 3 - Drink a liter of water a day

Recover the loss of water in your skin by hydrating from the inside. You can prepare flavored waters with a splash of lemon juice, mint or rosemary.

Step 4 - Rest

Sleeping well is essential for the nightly cell regeneration process to take place optimally. With a good rest we will notice that our skin is much clearer and more elastic.

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