I have prepared special routines so that every skin type can look healthy, vital and radiant.

Untrouble skin - Annie Blume

Untrouble skin

Uniform color, soft touch, elastic and toned appearance, with a moisturized surface and no greasy shine. Pores are small and closed and it is resistant to temperature changes.

Natural skin care made in Austria - Annie Blume

Dry skin

Thin, matte appearance and rough touch with easy flaking. It tends to wrinkle and loses elasticity. It does not have a good resistance to climatic changes and the pores are small and closed.

Oily skin - Annie Blume

Oily skin

Oily, moist and shiny. It has open pores and a tendency to the appearance of internal pimples. It tends to be resistant to temperature changes and is wrinkle-free.

Combination skin - Annie Blume

Combination skin

Alternates the characteristics of dry and oily skin. This fusion can occur in different areas of your face or linked to seasonal changes.

Sensitive skin - Annie Blume

Sensitive skin

Reacts in different ways to stimuli. It can feel sensations of heat, tightness, redness... and even suffer from different pathologies. This reactivity is due to insufficient skin protection, allergic hyperreactivity and microcirculatory problems.

Mature skin - Annie Blume

Mature skin

Drier and cracked appearance, due to a decrease in the levels of sebaceous secretion and stratum corneum.