The morning ritual set

Rainforest & Sunshine

Cleansing & firming

Gentle cleansing and antioxidant nourishment for a balanced and glowy skin.


• Eliminates pore obstruction.
• Restores skin balance and regulates oil production.
• Enhances skin regeneration.
• Provides a refreshing, soothing and toning effect.


• Nourishes the skin without causing an oily appearance.
• Toning, firming and antioxidant.
• Protects against damage caused by pollutants and exposure.
• Balances the skin, addressing both dryness and overproduction of sebum.

Suitable for

All skin types. Perfect for oily and combination skin.

The feeling

Gently clean your skin with Rainforest's extra creamy texture and play with its transformation into milk when in contact with water. Breathe in the revitalizing scent of the eucalyptus essential oil and discover you ultimate radiance.

Feel Sunshine’s freshness and enjoy silky, soft and nourished skin thanks to the powerful combination of antioxidant oils from macadamia nut, camellia and wheat germ with hyaluronic acid and witch hazel hydrolate.

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The morning ritual set RAINFOREST & SUNSHINE - Annie Blume

The morning ritual set

€93,00 €104,00