The importance of a good rest for the skin

The importance of a good rest for the skin - Annie Blume

To look rested, fresh and vital, it is important to take care of our skin inside and out. And this is where getting a good night's sleep becomes essential. Discover how to promote a restful sleep to wake up wonderfully refreshed.

The importance of a good rest for the skin

At night, the skin's metabolism is accelerated and it receives a lot of oxygen. This means that cell renewal is up to three times faster than during the day. During this metabolic process in which cells regenerate, the body eliminates excess disposable particles and increases the production of collagen and elastin, which are essential for firm, elastic skin.

How to enhance the cell regeneration process?

MOONLIGHT creamy moisturizer is fully restorative, specially formulated to nourish the skin, soothe it and enhance cellular rejuvenation.

Moonlight creamy face moisturizer - Annie Blume


Its extraordinary content of blue tansy essential oil -which acts at the cellular level to soothe heat and reduce skin inflammation- and cocoa butter, which aids cell repair and rejuvenation, slowing down the visible aging process and promoting deep nourishment, stand out. In addition, it has an exceptional antioxidant content that protects the skin's collagen and elastin.

The result after using Moonlight is a de-inflamed, nourished and rested skin.

Tips to relax and sleep well

  • Avoid screens at least one hour before bedtime. Blue light suppresses the release of melatonin, a hormone that signals the body to relax for sleep.
  • Immerse yourself in a self-care ritual. Cleansing your face and giving yourself a brief massage before bed helps you slow down and be present.
  • Avoid going to sleep immediately after dinner. Going for a walk or practicing a yin yoga session helps calm the mind.
  • Try to establish a sleep habit. By always going to sleep at the same time the body adapts and knows when it is time to rest.
  • Infusions of lavender or lemon balm help us relax.

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