Raw honey benefits on the skin

Raw honey benefits on the skin - Annie Blume

Raw honey keeps its nutrients and therapeutic benefits intact because it is not pasteurized. This process prevents the honey from crystallizing, but destroys most of its enzymes and antioxidants.

The benefits of raw honey on the skin

Completely pure and natural, raw honey has been used since ancient times to relieve a wide range of diseases, ailments, burns and skin conditions.

Raw honey benefits on the skin - Annie Blume

It is naturally antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, especially interesting for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Raw honey provides a veritable explosion of vitamins, enzymes and amino acids that promote healing and tissue regeneration.

Raw honey in RAINFOREST gentle cleanser and light mask

RAINFOREST is a gentle cleanser and light mask, specially formulated to restore balance to the skin. That is why raw honey plays a fundamental role in promoting tissue healing and regeneration.

Raw honey benefits on the skin - Annie Blume

The raw honey we use comes from a small beekeeper in the Austrian Alps. His organic honey is extracted from the comb at the lowest possible temperature to ensure that it retains its antiseptic power. In addition, this local raw honey acts as a natural moisturizer, attracting and retaining moisture to give you healthy skin.

Raw honey benefits on the skin - Annie Blume

Organic beehives are a model of sustainability because they respect the environment and facilitate pollination, a natural process that contributes to the maintenance of biodiversity, as it allows flowers to fertilize and bear fruit and seeds.

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