Tension release massage

Tension release massage - Annie Blume

Sometimes, after being exposed to screens or when we have a headache, we feel pressure in the eye area. I have prepared a brief massage with gua sha to relieve the tension in that area.

There are numerous acupressure points under the eyebrow, which by pressing them and sliding the gua sha in different directions can help us to release the accumulated pressure.

Tension release massage

  1. Wash your face with RAINFOREST gentle face cleanser.
  2. Apply MOONLIGHT moisturizer.
  3. Slide the Aphrodite porcelain gua sha exerting a little pressure on the acupressure points and glide gently, as shown in the following video.
  4. Drink a glass of water at the end of the massage to enhance the experience.


APHRODITE - Porcelain face jewel - Annie Blume

About Aphrodite

Porcelain Facial Jewel

Designed to adapt to the angles of the face in order to glide easily while exercising the facial muscles. Aphrodite is an invitation to a facial massage, which, when practiced consistently, will stimulate circulation, collagen and elastin production, release muscular tensions and perform lymphatic drainage.

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