How to protect your skin from environmental pollution

How to protect your skin from environmental pollution - Annie Blume

Environmental pollution is a reality and, unfortunately, it is on the rise. Today I would like to tell you how you can protect your skin from different toxic particles to avoid inflammation or premature aging.

How to protect your skin from environmental pollution

Deep cleansing

The first thing I suggest is to cleanse your face both mornings and evenings with RAINFOREST, made from clays that prevent pore clogging.

Normally, toxic gases such as sulfur oxides or suspended particles from cars or heating and air conditioning systems tend to be deposited on the skin. With RAINFOREST what we achieve is to drag that dirt, but without leaving the skin devoid of its natural oils. In this way, after use, we can enjoy clean skin without the sensation of tightness.

In addition, this formula balances the pH of the skin and regulates oil production.

Rainforest gentle face cleanser & light mask - Annie Blume

Protect and nourish your skin

For this step, SUNSHINE works wonders because it nourishes the skin without making it look greasy, while protecting it against damage caused by pollutants and exposure, preventing premature skin aging.

It works by creating a protective barrier that also locks in moisture to ensure skin stays hydrated. This is achieved thanks to such interesting ingredients as macadamia nut oil and hyaluronic acid.

Sunshine - lightweight day face moisturizer - Annie Blume

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