Benefits of using a clay mask

Benefits of using a clay mask - Annie Blume

Clay masks have been used for centuries in beauty rituals for their benefits in detoxifying the skin, removing impurities and surface oil, revealing a restored, luminous and balanced complexion.

Clays are natural materials full of minerals obtained from the erosion of rocks. There are multiple varieties with different colors and benefits. In our RAINFOREST face cleanser and light mask, we use three types of sustainably sourced, sun-dried clays.

Benefits of using a clay face mask

Deep cleansing

Its remarkable absorbent, antiseptic and purifying properties balance excess oil, ridding the skin of toxins and impurities without stripping it of its natural oils. The result is cleaner, fresher skin.

Increases radiance

The clays perform a gentle exfoliation that stimulates cell regeneration, revitalizes the skin and stimulates circulation, revealing a smooth, radiant complexion.

Benefits of using a clay mask - Annie Blume

How Rainforest light mask works

In addition to clays, Rainforest completes its formula with aloe vera, raw honey, shea butter, almond oil, lactic acid and eucalyptus essential oil.

This synergy of ingredients enriches your skin with enzymes, vitamins and minerals, in addition to moisturizing, revitalizing, regenerating, soothing and balancing it.

Benefits of using a clay mask - Annie Blume



How to enhance the action of a clay mask

Apply the mask on your clean and dry skin with the help of a brush or spatula, covering your face, neck and décolleté. Relax while it works its magic to detoxify the skin, remove impurities and surface oil.

Leave it on for at least 15 minutes and before removing it, moisten your fingers with warm water and massage your skin in small circular movements. As the mask recovers its moisture, you can rinse it off. At times when your skin feels oilier than usual, you can apply Rainforest and leave it on overnight.

After the treatment, nourish your skin with a moisturizer. If your skin is sensitive, dry or mature, use Moonlight creamy moisturizer. If your skin is combination or oily, I recommend applying the lightweight moisturizer Sunshine.

The frequency of use of Rainforest will vary depending on your skin type. Find out which ritual is best for you here.

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